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What does your insurance cover?

Even as a student, you may be surprised how many of your interactions could result in the need for medico-legal advice.

Elective & scholarship placements

Your insurance includes cover for elective placements worldwide and scholarship placements.  Providing your elective is approved by your medical school or university, cover for your elective is automatic – there is no need to notify us of your intention to travel, nor is your elective cover subject to an approval process.
We recognise the busy life of a student, so keeping things simple for you is important to us.  You can undertake your elective and scholarship placements confident that you have insurance protection and the resources of MIGA to support you, should you need it.

Emergency medical assistance you provide

A Good Samaritan Act is defined as when you provide emergency assistance in a true emergency situation, provided you do not request payment or reward for the service and you do not provide ongoing care.
See a person injured in an accident on your way to uni and think you'll do a good deed by lending them a hand?  Without insurance cover, your instincts could actually land you in trouble. Don't worry, because as a student member of MIGA you can carry out your good deeds with confidence, knowing that you're covered.

Coronial inquiries & criminal investigations

When undertaking a clinical placement or elective, you may be drawn into a coronial inquiry or criminal investigation.  You do not have to be at fault to be involved – you may simply witness or hear something that is required to be submitted as evidence.
In such situations we can provide you with the advice and support you need, alleviating any concerns or fears you may have about the possibility of appearing in court.
Why take unnecessary risk when free insurance protection from MIGA is available to you?

Clinical placements

Under our policy, you are covered for clinical placements you are required to undertake as part of your medical studies. Such placements can expose you to unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations and MIGA is available to provide you with advice in relation to these.
Your hospital or medical school may also require proof of your medical indemnity insurance prior to the commencement of your placement.  MIGA has you covered and can easily and promptly supply a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.

Medical Board & Tribunal matters

As a result of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme, your registration with the Medical Board of Australia is compulsory.  Your university provides the Board with your details, and this registration may expose you to inquiries or investigations.  Fortunately, your policy with MIGA ensures you are covered for these matters and that you have access to support or advice you may require.

Threats to personal safety

In the medical profession, unfortunately something we are unable to control is the behaviour of our patients. As such it is possible that at some point in your career a threat may be made to the safety of you or your family.

In these situations, we provide cover for expenses relating to any threat to your personal safety, or that of your immediate family, arising from your practice as a medical student.

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How we can help

To help you understand why your own insurance cover is so important, we’ve developed case studies highlighting how we can assist you in difficult and unfamiliar situations.
  • Come fly with me

    Matthew, a medical student, found out how easily you can be left ‘holding the baby’ once people know you’ve had some medical training!
    I was on a domestic flight, when mid-trip, a middle-aged, overweight man began experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain and fluctuating levels of alertness.
    I tentatively admitted I was a medical student – immediately I was the cabin crew’s favourite passenger.  However, when in a plane, I would generously estimate the amount of useful knowledge I have to be just 10% more than the crew.  For example, how useful is it to know about murmurs when the plane noise drowns out other sounds?  Can I work a defibrillator better than a flight attendant?  How much oxygen should you give when the tank has two settings – “Off” and “High”?  I took a brief history and simple observations but there wasn’t much more I could do.
    My observations were relayed to Qantas’ medical consultant and the question came back: “Do you think this patient will make it to the destination, or would they benefit from diverting and landing earlier?”  As the man was now maintaining consciousness, I felt that he would make it – but how was I to know?  Thankfully he did make it and they had an ambulance waiting.
    Although I never thought I’d need it, I’m extremely glad I have the free insurance MIGA offer.  If that extra flight time had made a difference to the man’s health my insurance would have been invaluable!
  • What have I got myself into?

    Ben was undertaking a hospital placement and together with other students accompanied the Consultant on her ward rounds.  While the Consultant was assessing a patient, Ben’s attention was drawn to a young girl – she was pulling faces and he noticed she had a plaster cast on her arm and bruises on her cheek.
    Although she was not a patient on the round, Ben greeted her, and making conversation, asked how she obtained her injuries.  Quietly, she said she’d been thrown to the floor by her uncle after smashing a drinking glass.
    The child’s remark left Ben feeling uneasy.  At the end of the round, he approached the medical officer in charge and shared his concerns.  The medical officer notified child protection services, and in processing the case Ben was required to submit a written report.  Three months later, he was also questioned by the police and asked to submit a statement.
    Despite contacting them, neither Ben’s medical school nor hospital were able to offer help that directly addressed his growing anxiety.
    Over a year later he received a call from police requesting his attendance in court.  Overwhelmed, Ben contacted MIGA for assistance and discussed the matter with an understanding solicitor.  We were able to talk him through his anxiety and explained in detail the process he could expect to encounter in court.  Ben’s apprehension was greatly alleviated with this knowledge and reassurance, enabling him to participate confidently in the court proceedings.

Other great reasons to join MIGA

MIGA Plus Careers Assistance

To help you define and achieve your career goals, MIGA members can access career coaching at special member rates.

Medicine offers a wide array of career pathways, and it is not always clear what you need to do to get to your dream role.  That’s where coaching can help you to define your career goals and chart a course to achieving them.

As an MIGA member, you can receive 20% off Standout Medical Careers Standout Medical Student program. This course provides medical students with information, tools and resources and focuses on the non-clinical aspects of career planning and development.  You can also access special member rates on Interview Preparation coaching to assist you prepare for intern placement interviews.

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$3,500 grants for electives

Are you interested in undertaking an elective in a developing community? Through MIGA’s Elective Grants Program, you can apply for financial assistance to help you on your way.

Ten $3,500 grants are available, each consisting of:

  • $2,000 to assist in funding your personal elective costs, including travel, accommodation and vaccinations
  • $1,500 to assist in the purchase of medical or other aid for the community you visit.

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24/7 support & advice

Access to support and advice from our expert Legal Services team, not only in the event of a claim, but every day for free medico-legal support on any matter big or small. This includes access to an after-hours service for situations where you require emergency medico-legal support.


Communications & resources

Specialised email communications related to life as a medical student, with easy to enter competitions and awesome prizes.

Free intern insurance

Graduating? Your policy will be automatically upgraded to cover you when you become an intern. There is no need for you to do anything – it’s that easy!

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  • How does the timing & renewal of my policy work?

    Unlike policy periods for some other types of insurance, your medical indemnity insurance does not run for 12 months from when you apply.  Instead, your policy commences when you apply and is automatically renewed on 31 December each year, with your new policy commencing annually on 1 January.
    In advance of December each year, MIGA makes it easy for you by automatically renewing your policy while you remain a medical student.  Unless your details have changed or you would like to discuss your cover, you do not need to contact MIGA to renew.  You can relax knowing a new Policy Schedule and revised policy documents will be automatically forwarded to you each year.
  • What are claims costs & expenses?

    Claims costs and expenses are incurred during the defence, investigation or settlement of any claim or matter covered by your policy.  These can relate to the services of a lawyer or solicitor and the payment of compensation.
    As you can imagine these costs can be significant and accumulate very quickly.  As an insured member you won’t have to reach into your own pocket as these expenses are covered by MIGA up to the policy limits of $20 million for claims costs and $500,000 for legal expenses.
  • How do I use my Certificate of Insurance?

    Your Certificate of Insurance provides evidence of your cover. You may be required to produce this document by your medical school or when you undertake a clinical placement.  The good news is you’ll automatically receive a Certificate when you join!

Policy Documents

Policy Wording

Details the basis on which insurance cover is provided to you.

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Combined FSG & PDS

Contains comprehensive information about the benefits of your insurance.

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