Risk Education Program Terms and Conditions

MIGA’s Risk Education Program provides:
  • risk management information and education to promote safe practice
  • the opportunity to earn a discount on your insurance premium by participating in the Program.
Terms and conditions about the Program and the discount are set out below.
  1. Definitions
    1. Program: MIGA's Risk Education Program
    2. Discount: A 10 percent risk management discount on your insurance premium (but not any other charges that may apply such as membership fees, taxes, levies or stamp duty) for the Next Insurance Period
    3. Next Insurance Period: The period of insurance that immediately follows the end of a Program. Insurance periods commence on 1 July each year
    4. REO: MIGA's risk education platform online
    5. Program Activity: Any activity that is made available by MIGA as part of the Program, including any External Activity 
    6. External Activity: Any learning activity offered by another organisation which MIGA has approved to count as a Program Activity. A list of such activities will be available on REO.
  2. Eligibility to participate in the Program
    The Program is available to current MIGA insured:
    1. Doctors who hold an insurance policy with an allocated premium amount and their policy does not exclude them from participating in the Program
    2. Eligible midwives.
  3. Key dates
    The Program runs from 1 April each year until 31 March the following year
    1. The Discount will apply to the Next Insurance Period
    2. REO may close for a period at the end of each Program to enable updates.
  4. Calculation of points
    1. All activities in the Program attract points if completed in accordance with these terms and conditions and any additional instructions specific to a Program Activity.
    2. Activities may only count towards points if they are started and completed within the same Program.
    3. To be eligible for points for a particular activity you must attend and participate as required for at least 60 minutes of a 90 minute live activity. 
    4. We reserve the right to decline to award points where we consider that you have not genuinely engaged with any Program Activity. 
    5. Points will not be awarded for only commencing an activity.
    6. Each Program Activity can only count towards points once per Program.
    7. You can repeat Program Activities that you have completed in previous Programs however we reserve the right to decline awarding points if you repeat the same Program Activity topic an unreasonable number of times as this would not be consistent with the aims of the Program. We will provide written notification that completing a particular Program Activity topic again will not attract points before we decline to award points.
    8. Action plans must be completed in the same Program as the related Program Activity.
    9. Most Program Activities will attract 5 points. Occasionally, stages of activities may be combined to make a single 10 point activity.
    10. You can only receive points for one External Activity per Program.
    11. You can only receive points for one Doctor's Health Assessment per Program.
    12. Points cannot be brought forward from a previous Program, nor carried over to a future Program. 
  5. Eligibility for the Discount
    1. You must earn a minimum of 10 points during a Program in accordance with these terms and conditions to be eligible for the Discount.
    2. The number of points needed for the Discount are not pro-rated for part-time workers, or those who are only eligible to participate for part of the Program.
  6. Application of the Discount
    1. The Discount will apply to the Medical Insurance Australia insurance premium charged in the Next Insurance Period.
    2. If you change your part-time or full-time status or amend your practice category to a different indemnity level, the discount in relation to the Next Insurance Period will be applied to the new premium.
    3. Some members will not be entitled to the Discount in the Next Insurance Period. If you are not entitled to a Discount, we will advise you (or your authorised representative/agent) in writing along with the reason(s) why.
  7. General
    1. Program Activities provided by MIGA are free of charge, other than our face-to-face conferences for which a nominal fee applies.
    2. General information about the Program is on the MIGA website on the Risk Education page.
Please contact:
  • Risk Services with any queries about the Program via reo@miga.com.au
  • Client Services with any queries about your Discount at 1800 777 156.

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