Advisory Panels

MIGA has Advisory Panels that are representative of our large and diverse membership base.

The Panels help guide our delivery of member-focussed outcomes in all areas of our business by providing suggestions, feedback and advice to MIGA at meetings held throughout the course of the year.
The Panels are an essential resource for MIGA and enable us to engage with our members to better understand their views and experiences.
The role of our Advisory Panels is to:
  • Provide guidance on strategies for promoting MIGA to assist growth and retention of business
  • Be a reference point for advice on insurance and membership matters as they relate to the profession
  • Keep MIGA informed of our members’ views about the organisation and our products and services
  • Provide intelligence to MIGA on matters impacting the profession that may be relevant to medical indemnity and developments in the medical indemnity market
  • Keep MIGA informed on key developments at a College and specialty level, at both a national and state basis
  • Provide feedback on ideas, issues and other matters which arise in relation to MIGA’s products and services to ensure we continue to respond to our members' needs.

MIGA Advisory Panel Members

  • South Australia

    Chair: Dr Roger Sexton
    Dr Verity Cooper – General Practice – Non procedural
    Dr Robert Fitridge – Vascular Surgery
    Dr Matthew Holman – Cosmetic Surgery
    Dr Kym Horsell – Urology
    Dr Matthew Hutchinson – Orthopaedic Surgery
    Dr Andrew Lavender – Anaesthesia
    Dr Matthew McConnell – Salaried Medical Officer
    Dr James Moore – General Surgery
    A/Prof Susan Neuhaus – General Surgery
    Dr Richard Pope – Orthopaedic Surgery
    Dr Matthew Rackham – Salaried Medical Officer
    Dr Cathy Reid – Dermatology
    Dr Prash Sanders – Cardiology
    Dr Robert Singleton – Anaesthesia
    Dr Peter Wormald – ENT
  • New South Wales

    Chair: Dr Andrew Pesce
    Dr David Bollinger – Anaesthesia
    Dr Costa Boyages – General Practice – VMO
    Dr Brian Harrisberg – Ophthalmology
    Dr Jill Harrisberg – General Practice – Non procedural
    Dr Kate Kearney – Salaried Medical Officer in Training (Cardiology Registrar)
    Dr Steven Leibman – General Surgery
    Dr Andreas Loefler – Orthopaedic Surgery
    Dr George Mayson – Cosmetic Surgery
    A/Prof Prem Rashid – Urology
    A/Prof Andrew Spillane – Surgical Oncology
    Dr Nicholas Tsang – Salary Medical Officer in Training (General Surgery/Vascular Registrar)
    Dr Michael van der Griend – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Victoria

    Chair: Dr Stephen Parnis
    Mr Simon Banting – General Surgery
    Mr John Buntine – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    Mr Simon Crowley – General Surgery
    Dr Tony Dicker – General Practice – Non procedural
    Dr Khaled El-Sheikh – General Practice – Non procedural
    Dr Patrick Hughes – Anaesthesia
    Mr James Leong – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    Dr Bernard Lynch – Orthopaedic Surgery
    A/Prof Julie Miller – Endocrine Surgery
    Dr Nigel Munday – Surgical Assist
    Dr Wei Ming Ooi – Breast Surgery
    Dr Simon Permezel – Ophthalmology
    Dr Chris Wreidt – Radiology
  • Queensland

    Chair: Professor Owen Ung
    Dr Andrew Apel – Ophthalmology
    Dr Nicholas Bryant – Radiology
    Dr Anna Burrows – Gynaecology
    Dr Andrew Clarke – Cardio-thoracic Surgery
    Dr Toby Cohen – Vascular Surgery
    Dr Daniel Fleming – Cosmetic Surgery
    Dr Ben Green – General Surgery
    Dr Geoffrey Holt – Cardiology
    Dr Chris Jackson – Anaesthesia
    Dr Frances Kinnear – Staff Specialist
    Dr Lawrence Malisano – Orthopaedic Surgery
    Dr Katherine Williams – General Practice

Insurance policies are issued by Medical Insurance Australia Pty Ltd.  MIGA has not taken into account your personal objectives or situation.  Before you make any decisions about our policies, please review the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (which can be found here) and consider your own needs.