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Community & environment

MIGA supports the broader community and the environment via a range of important and innovative initiatives

Whilst we provide sponsorship to many areas of the health care sector, we are committed to ensuring we support programs that add real value to the broader community.

Support for medical students and developing communities

All over the world developing communities are in desperate need of medical expertise.  Money can help solve some of the problems, but skills are also in short supply.

Since 2004 our Elective Grants Program has provided funding to assist Medical Students meet their costs to complete an elective in a developing community as part of their studies and to provide a contribution to fund medical or other aid needed by the community which they visit.

We have made a significant contribution to many developing communities through the delivery of aid and the medical skills of the Grant recipients and we  are sure that many of these students will continue to contribute to international health throughout their careers.


Support for doctors in training

Since 2008 our Doctors in Training (DIT) Grants Program has been "Supporting skills development amongst doctors in training".  The Program provides funding to assist doctors in training who wish to pursue specialist training opportunities in Australia and abroad.

In offering the Program, MIGA aims to:

  • Promote the development of medical expertise amongst doctors practising in Australia
  • Assist the proliferation of enhanced clinical skills across Australia to improve the standard of care available to patients
  • Ease the financial burden on doctors seeking to undertake additional training.

MIGA's Environmental Policy

We acknowledge the impact of the printing process on the environment and we only use printers that are committed to protecting the environment both locally and globally.

Our business is very reliant on printed materials but we are committed to ensuring that we reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

The Environmental Policy is an important initiative for the Group and it supports one of our key goals of ensuring that we contribute, to the extent that we can, to initiatives which reduce our environmental impact.

Ethical investing

MIGA has an extensive investment portfolio. Given our support for the health care sector we have developed ethical guidelines in our Investment Strategy.

The guidelines ensure that we avoid investment in businesses engaged in activities that may negatively impact the health of the broader community.  The investment strategy specifically excludes investments in organisations which:
  • Produce products or services known to adversely affect the physical and mental health of individuals
  • Produce alcohol or tobacco products
  • Are involved in gambling services.

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