Elective Grants Program Ts & Cs

Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for an Elective Grant, you must:
    1. Be a current Student Member of MIGA continuously from the time of submitting your Application to the time of any Grant being awarded and paid
    2. Be enrolled in 2019 in a course of medical study in a medical school or university in Australia accredited by the Australian Medical Council for the purpose of obtaining registration as a medical practitioner
    3. Be willing and able to complete an elective program in a developing community or country between March 2019 and February 2020 (or as otherwise agreed in writing by MIGA). The elective for which you are applying for funding must be recognised by your university or medical school; and
    4. Abide by the terms and conditions of the Elective Grants Program as determined by MIGA.
  2. To be eligible for the Elective Grant reserved for an Indigenous student, you acknowledge you must provide with your Application a ‘Letter of Confirmation’ from an Indigenous organisation
  3. If awarded an Elective Grant:
    1. You will be an ambassador for and advance the good name and interests of MIGA during and after your elective
    2. You agree to provide a report on, and photographs and video footage of, your experiences during the elective for MIGA to use at its discretion (reports may be edited by MIGA for length and clarity).  MIGA may publish your name, the report, videos and photographs and may otherwise publicise the benefits provided by the Grant. Upon request, you may also be asked to provide a presentation of your elective which may be used to promote the Program.
    3. You must provide evidence of your acceptance into your proposed elective placement prior to MIGA providing the Grant. You understand that if you do not provide this evidence to MIGA by 30 April 2020 (or as otherwise agreed in writing by MIGA), you forfeit your eligibility for any Grant
    4. You must inform MIGA immediately if your elective is terminated or suspended before you have commenced it.  If, for this or any other reason, you do not proceed with your elective after MIGA has provided you a Grant, you will forfeit your eligibility for the Grant and must repay the Grant in full to MIGA upon demand
  4. You accept that you will undertake your elective placement at your own risk and MIGA accepts no responsibility or liability arising directly or indirectly from you undertaking the elective placement
  5. Receipt of a Grant does not constitute any partnership, trust, agency, joint venture or employment relationship with MIGA
  6. You agree to take reasonable care and diligence to ensure your conduct does not infringe upon MIGA’s intellectual property rights or bring MIGA’s name into disrepute
  7. You must abide by the decisions of MIGA in relation to offers of Grants for the 2098 Elective Grants Program.
  8. MIGA reserves the right to allocate the 2019 Elective Grants at its sole discretion. Any decision of MIGA is final and is not subject to any right of appeal or reconsideration.
  9. MIGA may retain your Proposal and Application Form and any supporting documentation indefinitely which shall not be returned to you. However, all information provided to MIGA will be retained in accordance with MIGA’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed on the website at www.miga.com.au
  10. You must ensure that your Application Form and Proposal are received by MIGA no later than 5.00pm (ACST) Friday, 30 August 2019.

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