Prescription medications

Use, documentation, storage and destruction

Medical practitioners have significant responsibilities in prescribing medication under drug and poisons legislation, whether it be Schedule 4 or 8 medications.

These medications must be stored, documented, prescribed and disposed of in line with detailed legislative requirements, which can vary between medications and locations. 

The addictive qualities and potential for misuse of Schedule 8 and some Schedule 4 medications, means that there are additional regulatory requirements around their use.  There are also certain medications that a practitioner cannot prescribe, dispense, obtain or possess unless they are a specialist in a particular field, or unless they have regulatory approval.

Issues which we encounter in advising and assisting our members and policyholders include:
  • Inadequate understanding of Schedule 8 prescribing obligations
  • Not suspecting potential medication misuse by patients
  • Prescribing certain Schedule 4 and/or 8 medications without appropriate clinical indication.
You should familarise yourself with prescribing requirements in your own State or Territory, and contact the relevant regulatory authority when in doubt. 
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