Australian bushfires

MIGA support for Midwives

16 January 2020

We are shocked and saddened by the devastating bushfires that have caused so much loss of human life, livestock, pets, bushland, wildlife and property across Australia. 

We recognise the huge disruption and loss they are creating in people’s lives, to their wellbeing and livelihood and to our communities, particularly in close-knit rural areas where the effects will be felt well into the future.
Our thoughts are with those who have lost homes and businesses, and particularly with those who have lost loved ones or who are injured.  We acknowledge the bravery of the fire and emergency services fighting the fires in horrendous conditions, and the tireless work of volunteers, communities and the defence forces in providing shelter and relief work to those impacted.

Following is a summary of information and resources which may assist you, your practice and its employees helping those who have been affected by the national bushfire crisis. Be reassured there are many groups rallying around to ensure that anyone affected has access to physical and mental health care, financial assistance and infrastructure support.
So, whether you have experienced personal loss or work in a community that has suffered loss as a result of the fires, here is some guidance on where to get help.

This is a national summary from the Federal Government. It refers to issues such as lost Medicare cards, accessing medication without a prescription, counselling services and impact on health due to smoke.
The Australian Government has also announced a mental health package providing for immediate, short term and medium term mental health support for individuals, families and communities impacted by the ongoing bushfire crisis.
Australian College of Midwives
The College of Midwives has acknowledged the importance of Midwives to women and families during a crisis such as this one. MIGA echoes that sentiment. If you need any specific clinical support please reach out to the College.
The National Rural Health Alliance is the peak body for rural and remote health in Australia and has collated information that may be helpful to anybody living or working in fire-affected communities.
The following support services are also available. You can use these to refer your clients to or anyone you know of who needs help: You may also find valuable resources here:
Your own health may be affected by the burden of these events. Remember that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ so we encourage you to seek the broad support of friends, family and colleagues.

Nurse & Midwife Support
National Nurse and Midwife Support phone service
1800 667 877
Other resources are available at Nurse and Midwife Support.
We are here to support and advise you for matters to do with your practice and indemnity insurance, including for emergencies at any time. Please call MIGA on 1800 777 156 if we can help in any way.

Best wishes

Mandy Anderson
CEO & Managing Director

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