Our Service Commitment

MIGA’s Service Commitment reflects our genuine desire to consistently deliver the highest level of professional support, expert advice and quality service to our members and policyholders.

We promise to be honest, fair and transparent in all of our dealings and interactions with them.
We are committed to creating an environment where our staff enjoy coming to work each day.  We want them to fulfil their potential and to share a common goal of providing outstanding service.
This Service Commitment sets out the minimum service standards we will provide to our clients, having regard to the many laws governing the financial integrity and conduct of the medical and professional indemnity insurance industry within which we operate.


Our Service Standards

Following are the minimum service standards we provide to our members and policyholders in relation to phone calls and correspondence with us.

Phone calls
  • We will deal with your phone enquiry when you call us. When you call you speak to a person who will provide you with options
  • If we are unable to respond to your request immediately or you leave a message, we will return your phone call as soon as possible and in any event within one business day
  • We will address your enquiry quickly and expertly having regard to its complexity and your time requirements.
  • If we cannot address your enquiry within two business days of receipt, we will  acknowledge your enquiry and let you know what to expect in terms of time frames and response
  • Where your matter is urgent, we will deal with it as a priority.
During our peak renewal period from May to July, it may not be possible to comply with the above Service Standards in all cases, although we will endeavour to do so.

How we handle enquiries

Obtaining and renewing insurance
  • When you provide information to MIGA, you can be confident only relevant information will be used to assess your application for (or renewal of) insurance with us
  • We will provide you with all of the relevant information about our products pertaining to your insurance with us, including but not limited to our Product Disclosure Statement (where required) and Policy Wording
  • If we cannot provide you with cover, you will be given reasons for the decision and, where relevant, given details of insurers who may assist you. We will also make available information about our complaints handling procedures if you are unhappy about our decision
  • Where your policy is amended or cancelled and you are entitled to a refund, it will be provided to you within 15 business days.
Risk management and education
MIGA’s investment in risk management is significant and we are committed to providing a wide range of services that assist you to manage risk in your day to day practise. Our Risk Management Program is flexible and varied so you can participate in a way that suits you.

Claims and legal services
24 hour emergency claims and medico-legal advice service
We provide a 24 hour emergency claims and medico-legal advice service that provides you with expert advice and support when you need it most.

Notifying a claim to us
  • If you are the subject of a claim and have provided us with all relevant information and no further information, assessment or investigation is required by us, you will be notified of our decision to confirm or deny your entitlement to indemnity within one month of receiving your notification
  • If we need more information from you, we will request that further information within one month of receiving your notification
  • If we cannot meet this timeframe we will advise you and agree a reasonable alternative timeframe with you.
Claims handling
  • We will manage your claim in an honest, fair, transparent and timely manner, acting in your best interest
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of a claim or complaint made against you by a third party within the timeframes we have agreed with you.

Keeping you informed

We will provide clear, concise information to assist in your understanding of how medical and professional indemnity insurance works so you, as the consumer, can make informed decisions.

Access to your information
We will provide you with information we hold about you, if you request.

In some circumstances, we may decline to provide access to or disclose information to you, such as:
  • Where information is protected from disclosure by law, including the Privacy Act 1988; or
  • Where the release of the information may be prejudicial to us in relation to a dispute about your cover or your claim.
If we decline to provide access to or disclose information to you:
  • We will not do so unreasonably;
  • We will give you reasons for doing so; and
  • We will provide details of our complaints process.

What happens if you have a concern?

If you are not happy with our products or services or you have any concern about MIGA, we will do our best to resolve the matter in a fair and equitable manner with you.

Simply contact us to discuss your concern. To allow us to make a full assessment, we will request that you submit details in writing along with any supporting documentation.

If your concern becomes a complaint our internal Dispute Resolution Policy is set out in our Combined Financial Services Guide and the Product Disclosure Statement and is also available below.


MIGA's Dispute Resolution Process

MIGA's Service Commitment Brochure

Insurance policies are issued by Medical Insurance Australia Pty Ltd.  MIGA has not taken into account your personal objectives or situation.  Before you make any decisions about our policies, please review the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (which can be found here) and consider your own needs.