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  • Had any interesting cases lately?

    Claims relating to employment disputes are on the rise. While not your typical 'interesting case', it is an often overlooked area that is becoming increasingly important. Find out more. October 2016.

  • Trending now - Multi-disciplinary practices

    Multi-disciplinary practices are springing up around Australia and while there are many benefits of offering complementary services, there are also many insurance implications. Ensure you and your staff are adequately insured. October 2016.

  • Snake oil or 'miracle' cure?

    If you are asked to provide treatment you know little about, it is important to remember that delivering optimum patient care and complying with a patient's wishes needs to be balanced against your obligations as a medical practitioner. October 2016.

  • Rocky relationships - Help is at hand

    We often receive calls from midwives to 'trouble shoot' scenarios arising from their daily interactions with clients. These two cases highlight the valuable advice, guidance and reassurance MIGA is able to provide. October 2016.

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Practice Insurance


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MIGA is a specialist insurer offering a range of insurance products and associated services to the health care profession across Australia.


  • Medical indemnity insurance for doctors and medical students
  • Professional indemnity for midwives
  • Corporate medical indemnity insurance for organisations providing health care and related services
  • Medico-legal advice and support, claims and risk management services and a range of exclusive policy holder benefits.

We have a strong commitment to providing personal support when it is needed, high quality services and broad based insurance cover tailored to the unique needs of health professionals.