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  • Are you appropriately protected for your locum work?

    Publicly employed doctors often undertake general practice locum work. While you may have medical indemnity insurance, your cover for private work could be limited. Ensure you are properly protected. Find out more.

  • Access to new benefits with MIGA Plus

    We are very pleased to introduce MIGA Plus to you. Through MIGA Plus we will offer our members and policyholders access to a range of insurance products and services aligned with their business and day-to-day practice. Find out more.

  • The violent patient

    Violent attacks on health practitioners are becoming more and more common, both in hospitals and practitioners consulting rooms. Discover tips and resources for managing violent patients effectively.

  • Streamline your renewal with direct debit

    You can now enjoy the convenience of monthly or annual direct debit payments at no extra cost. Find out how you can streamline your renewal and remove the hassle of making sure your renewal is paid on time.

  • Ending the doctor/patient relationship

    There are many reasons why a doctor may choose to end a relationship with a patient, but doing this is not always as easy as it sounds. This article looks at an MIGA member’s experience and outlines strategies for ending the relationship.

  • Medicare auditing on the rise

    Medicare have recently stepped up their investigation of medical practitioners. Find out more about the auditing process and how to minimise your risk.

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Elective Grants Program

Elective Grants Content Panel - LF

Six individual Grants of $3,500 for medical students visiting developing communities.

$2,000 to fund your elective PLUS $1,500 to supply medicine or other aid.

Interested? Applications close Friday, 26 August 2016.

Practice Insurance


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MIGA is a specialist insurer offering a range of insurance products and associated services to the health care profession across Australia.


  • Medical indemnity insurance for doctors and medical students
  • Professional indemnity for midwives
  • Corporate medical indemnity insurance for organisations providing health care and related services
  • Medico-legal advice and support, claims and risk management services and a range of exclusive policy holder benefits.

We have a strong commitment to providing personal support when it is needed, high quality services and broad based insurance cover tailored to the unique needs of health professionals.