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  • A Nepalese elective experience

    Discover the incredible experience of 2014 Indigenous Elective Grant recipient Sarah-Rebekah Clark, and how her time in Pokhara, Nepal has changed her perspective on her future medical career.

  • Are you appropriately protected for your locum work?

    Publicly employed doctors often undertake general practice locum work. While you may have medical indemnity insurance, your cover for private work could be limited. Ensure you are properly protected. Find out more.

  • The risks in partnerships

    Members often contact us querying if they are covered for liability incurred where they are working in a partnership. In answering this question there are five key points to consider. Find out more.

  • Managing expectations - A new Workshop for midwives

    Managing your clients’ expectations can be a challenging part of providing midwifery services. Our new Workshop discusses strategies and provides tools to assist in managing this part of your practise. Join us in February 2016 to learn more.

  • Disclosing information to the police

    Did you know a police officer has no more rights than any other third party to obtain information about a patient without consent? View the full article from our August 2015 Bulletin.

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Medical Students

2016 Student Orientation Content Panel

Join MIGA for FREE insurance and you could study like a pro with a brand new iPad Pro, Bose Headphones or JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards!

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Insuring your practice

Practice Manager Content Panel

Your practice or company may be taking a significant risk if it doesn't have its own medical indemnity insurance.  Take our quiz and learn about practice scenarios which give rise to the need for insurance cover.

MIGA is a specialist insurer offering a range of insurance products and associated services to the health care profession across Australia.


  • Medical indemnity insurance for doctors and medical students
  • Professional indemnity for midwives
  • Corporate medical indemnity insurance for organisations providing health care and related services
  • Medico-legal advice and support, claims and risk management services and a range of exclusive policy holder benefits.

We have a strong commitment to providing personal support when it is needed, high quality services and broad based insurance cover tailored to the unique needs of health professionals.